I asked a writer once, "Does the self loathing ever go away?"

To my surprise, he responded, "No, never."

"Then how are you supposed to deal with it?" I asked.

"You keep writing."


This game is about personal growth, about learning to overcome the daunting blank page. It's about writing through the self-loathing and negative thoughts that rise up, and helping us understand what inevitably all writers go through.

I've learned that the self-loathing never truly goes away, but it gets better with practice.

To Win: Write until you fill up the page.

Notes: For an intended experience, I encourage you to try to write as sincerely as you can. This game will also break if you continually press the Enter key.



Type with your keyboard.

Ctrl+Scrollwheel to Zoom.

Scrollwheel to scroll.


Please feel free to screenshot or copy/paste and share your writing!


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Simple but effective, definitely captured that very relatable experience.


great game! I just couldnt reach the ending cause I ran out of Ideas


Very nice game. I enjoyed the writing experience. It felt like an actual exercise in writing, and the bad thoughts urged me to keep going, to power through. I had a tiny frustration about having to click in the text to keep writing whenever bad thoughts appeared, but I don't know if that is just my browser. I would have liked to just stay on the keyboard and keep writing. Also, the copying of the text didn't work for me. All it copies is the title of the game :'(


This was an interesting experience. I felt empowered when I was able to type the bad thoughts away. 


This was a really great experience. I was kind of sceptical at first but I made myself write as honestly as I could, thinking I probably wouldn't do a whole page, and then the interruptions had the unexpected effect of encouraging me to finish, as if I were having a dialogue with them. It was thought-provoking and useful. Thanks!

Here's what I ended up with: